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Witchcraft! Inside The 100-Year-Old Occult Bookstore | You Have to See This
19 Aug 2020
Witchcraft! Inside The 100-Year-Old Occult Bookstore | You Have to See This
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To get added to my personal notifications by text message list, text your name & "notify me" to 702.769.3136 and receive a group text message from me directly every time I go live.

Mail me at:
Melinda NailFanatic
P.O. Box 270992
Las Vegas, NV 89127

All of your generosity is appreciated, and in appreciation for your donations of $5 USD or more, I will in turn offer you a personal mini reading at the end of the show (limited to onoe per person, per show). You can ask a clear and specific question or recieve the message that spirt channels on your behalf. Your name will be added to the queue in the order of your donations.

Zelle: 7027693136
Cash App: $nailfads
Venmo: nailfads for readings and information. E-mail:

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The Universe Has Your Back
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Miracles Now
The Guardian Angel Tarot
The Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards
Calling In Your Soul Mate Oracle Cards

Hello Love! I go by the name Melinda NailFanatic and I am here to deliver these channeled tarot & oracle readings for Love Peace & Happiness. Why do I read on YouTube? I read for you on YouTube because I found that the information I channel has been so beneficial to me and I love to be of service to you (my brothers & sisters of humanity). The readings I produce are timeless and you will always hear and see the perfect message that you need. Where the messages resonate pick them up and run with them, if they don't resonate, leave them where you found them. I encourage you to subscribe to the playlists on my channel that relate to your prominent birth chart placements. I encourage you to view the sun sign, moon sign, venus sign, north node, ascending sign and the houses according to which matters are of most concern to you.
To find the most resonance in these shows, you definitely want to be tuned in, tapped in, turned on (Thank you for that phrasing Abraham & Esther), informing the universe that this is the channel through which you are ready to receive your messages. How to get tuned in, tapped in, turned on? Subscribe to the channel, tap the bell icon for "live notifications", join us in the reading when you receive the alert that I have gone live, and give the videos you view a thumbs up. Completing all of these steps lets Love Source God, the universe know that you are willing to see & hear messages meant for you through my mouth on my show. I love to be of service in regards to humans revealing their authentic and original identity for self empowerment founded in the principles of Love Peace & Happiness. It has been revealed to me that if every thing we do is based in love peace & happiness for ourselves as well as the other(s), we will always find success and accomplishment as Love Source God, the universe & Gaia always backs these energies. I am an ancient soul who has lived a plethora of experiences in order to be effective in my purpose on earth at this time, in this energy. Thank you for fulfilling your role in this. You are invited to follow me on all social medias @LPHtarot for motivational and other information. I also deeply appreciate reading your reviews for Love Peace & Happiness Tarot on Google Plus and Facebook as they benefit others to read your experiences.

On another note, I am based in Las Vegas. I am a mother of one beautiful Queen and the grandmother of two handsome young Kings. My life is blessed and I have been flying by the seat of my pants going where guided by Love Source God my whole life This has evolved into my providing fashion evolving Nail Artistry services (website on social medias). I have always had a passion for long beautiful nails and I do my own nails as well as many others who partake. I create custom empowerment bracelets using natural gemstone beads. I make one at a time and work with its energy until it's owner steps forward to claim it. I am grateful to channel healing and empowerment paintings, my style is very abstract and includes the use of highly contrasting colors and many times words (spelling). I offer many healing modalities including energy balancing, cleansing and drawing. I also offer Access Bars healings, energy learings, energy infusions and coaching services. Every year May 6-8 I offer a 3 day spiritual retreat here in Las Vegas during which attendees receive healing services while sharing in spiritually educating and empowering presentations, workshops and other activities. I have worked extensively with the seven hermetic principles and all of my channelings and healings including mind mechanics and spell casting (speaking into existence) incorporate these tools.

Thank you. Thank YOU! THANK YOU!!!
I love you. I love YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!

Sending blessings of love peace & happiness to you and yours!!!

Hair/Makeup/Nails: Melinda NailFanaic
Wardrobe: Jazmin Dozier

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Witchcraft! Inside The 100-Year-Old Occult Bookstore | You Have to See This
19 Aug 2020
Witchcraft! Inside The 100-Year-Old Occult Bookstore | You Have to See This
Cushtmoosh .com · 1 Views