DIY : How to Make Cordless Portable Fan

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24 Nov 2020

How to make this super awesome cordless portable fan that will works with the batteries of your favorite power tools. In my case im using the dewalt dcb090 adapter. This fan normally operate with 6 "D" batteries, which is not convenient when you need to recharge and replace the 6 batteries. Now it's so easier, and if you are like me and have multiple batteries for your tools, you will have almost infinite runtime on your next camping trip, at the beach or on the jobsite!! Bring this diy cordless fan anywhere to fight the summer heat.

SAFETY WARNING : This project is a concept i made for myself, so i didn't add an Over-discharge Protection to my circuit to avoid over discharge on the battery. You can build one by checking DIY PERKS video here : . If you build this fan as is, make sure you always put a fresh battery on it and check the fuel gauge on the battery occasionally and replace it as soon as it falls below 50%.

You will need to use the o2cool 10" fan : model FD10002A, to make this mod. Im also using the dewalt dcb090 adapter but you can also use the makita ADP05 or ADP06 usb power source, the Milwaukee M18™ Power Source, Bosch GAA18V-24N or any power tool usb adapter. The mounting will be slightly different, but the goal is to have a connector for the battery at the cheapest price possible. I got mine for 11$, check websites like ebay or aliexpress.

This o2cool fan has 2 speed and operate at 9v so im using a DC-DC step down converter ( Model LM2596 ). This board step down the current from 20v or 12v to 9v. Same thing here, check ebay or aliexpress, check for the best price you can find it at 2$.

RUNTIME : at 9v (0.7A), the total output is 6.3W. So with the slimpack 2.0AH (40W), runtime is around 6 hours. And with the 5.0AH(100W) battery, runtime is around 16 hours!

Material :

Connectors and Conduits diameter is : ½" (12mm)
(4x) 90° Connector ( Plumbing SCH40 )
(4x) 45° Connector ( Plumbing SCH40 )
(2x) "T" connector ( Plumbing SCH40 )
(3x) 11" conduit ( Electrical SCH40 ) (280mm)
(6x) 1"½ conduit ( Electrical SCH40 ) (38mm)
(2x) 2"½ conduit ( Electrical SCH40 ) (64mm)
(8x) ¼-20x¾" (M6x20mm)
(8x) ¼-20 Posilock Nuts (M6)
(8x) ¼ Washers (M6)
(1x) C-DC Step-Down converter board LM2596
(1x) o2cool Fan ( Model FN10002A )
(1x) Yellow Spray Paint : Color im using is Marigold
(1x) Black Textured Spray Paint

This project cost me less than $ 50, I already had spray paint i bought for a past project. The fan cost me 22$ and the Dewalt adapter 11$. DC-DC adapter was 2$ and around 15$ for the pvc conduits and connectors. I already had screws, heatshrink tubing and electrical wires under hand. If you have any questions, ask below! 😏

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